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FUNGOMAT - Natural Oil for Nail Fungus

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Dear CarePlus Company, I would like to thank you for this amazing product for nail fungus, which, after using it for three weeks, has solved the problem I had been suffering from for years and I've tried every possible way to get rid of it! Your oil eliminated the fungus and I am feeling really hopeful that it will be permanent. I warmly recommend using Fungomat and I'd be happy to be the goodwill ambassador for people suffering from this problem. Thousands of thanks, Regina Aminov.

Regina Aminov

My name is Estella De Beer and I manage a medical pedicure and treatment clinic in the Dan Hotel, Tel Aviv. After years of trying several methods of fighting nail fungus, some of which were partially successful, and others not, I recently learnt about Fungomat. In light of its success and simplicity in treating the fungus, I use Fungomat only, for all my clients requiring nail fungus treatment, and it's a great success! I warmly recommend Fungomat for fighting all nail fungus problems.

Estella De Berr

I bought Fungomat following a recommendation from my cosmetician, who also uses it. I have tried all kinds of home remedies, which have relieved it somewhat, but did not solve the problem. I am writing to you here, because your oil has helped rid me of the fungus, and I warmly recommend it. Thank you, Maya Levi.

Maya Levi

Hi everyone, I bought Fungomat a week ago and I'm already starting to see results. If it continues working like this, then I'll indeed be rid of the fungus eventually. Anyway, at the moment it looks so promising. I'll update you at a later stage. Thank you. Aviva.


To the CarePlus Company, 
I would like to thank you for your wonderful product, Fungomat for nail fungus, that solved the problem I'd had for years. This product is, without a doubt, a great success. I've tried tens of products, which were not effective for me. I also went to doctors who recommended tablets which I refuse to take. Whoever has nail fungus problems, I recommend this product. I promise it will solve your problem!

Merav Arnon

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