FUNGOMAT - Therapeutic Oil for Nail Fungus: Instructions for Use

Instructions for use:

      1. Shake the bottle thoroughly before applying Fungomat oil.

  1. Before each application, gently scrape the nail surface, using a nail file.

      3. Make sure that the nail is cut and clean and dry.

      4. Apply Fungomat oil to the infected nail twice daily - morning and night. At            the completion of treatment the nail will return to its original healthy color              and condition.        

Please note: It is advisable to wear open shoes or sandals as often as possible that allow the feet to breathe.

The duration of the treatment varies, and depends on the severity of the fungus infection. In the event of a mild to mid-level infection, treatment can take up to a month or more. A severe infection which has been untreated and neglected can take up to several months.

At the completion of treatment, it is highly recommended to continue applying Fungomat oil twice a week for an additional 8 weeks at least, to prevent a recurrence.

In the case of severe infection, improvement will be noticed after 1-3 months.

*Do not use this oil if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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